Have You Accomplished A Goal Yet?

http://www.trishblackwell.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Nothing-worth-having-comes-easy_large.jpgWe all set them, we all have them, yet how many of us ever accomplish them? I’m not talking about the ones that are easy to accomplish like using more coupons at the grocery store. I discovered this little secret and it helped save me hundreds on my food bill, but we are talking about the serious, hard to do, life changing goals. The one’s we set as New Years Resolutions but never seem to get to.

Years ago, As I discovered there was life outside of New York City, I set a goal to visit as many countries as possible before my transcendence into the next phase of existence. That particular goal has been a 20 year journey with me attempting to visit 2 countries I have never traveled to before. There are presently 196 countries in the world and I have visited roughly around 70 of them. So I have averaged about 3 a year, a 50% increase of my goal.

But this is not what I am here to talk about, that was merely an example of how I set and continue to accomplish that particular goal. The goal I set for 2013 was to start my own business and be successful at it. My background is in Technology and Insurance, go figure. I am currently employed by a major insurance firm.  My current list of clients are all small businesses and their number one employee concern is retirement planning. It boggles me how so many people don’t worry about this until they are literally at retirement age. Roughly about 30 clients in the past 2 years ceased to exist because of the economic downturn, some have been in business for 40 years or more. I have quite literally had to console people, who abruptly learned they would be unemployed, and they realized that all they had was social security and a mountain of bills.

After witnessing this happen to many of my clients, I decided to start my own Brokerage Firm. The goal is to have about 100 Businesses and 2000 individuals as clients within a 5 year time frame. The firm will be specializing in Health & Accident, Property & Causality, Life & Supplemental and eventually Retirement planning. Right now though just to get the word out and the company off the ground we are doing Tax Returns for our clients and their employees. My business partner and I both have extensive knowledge in preparing returns. We specialize in Estates & Trusts, Corporations and complicated personal returns in the Quad State area of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. This is a natural fit for us because we already advise clients on setting up their Section 125 plans and their tax liabilities. After we install a section 125 in a company, their tax liability decreases by about 7.5% of their overall payroll. It is Tax Season and a natural starting point for us.

Want more Tax Genius goodness? Come visit our facebook page Tax Genius for more information and to schedule an appointment. Follow me on twitter (@mercxue), hang out with me on Facebook, pin something to my Pinterest board or check out my blog Alternate Reality.

We will be posting lots of information in the upcoming weeks. We also have a 30% discount coupon if you “like” our page. See you soon.

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