September 15, 2010

Freewrite: Slave to the Sun

I broke up with the sun some nights ago
when he’s not creeping outside my bedroom window
I can safely cheat on him with the stars and the moon
I just couldnt tell him in person

I refuse to share my flesh with him lately
He refuses to understand my moods
Maybe I don’t want war anymore
or quarrels
or love in the brights of his rays

He swears he always needs to shine around the world
What about those of us
who cant feel his warmth?
or feel the burn that I do?

I’m tired of sharing you, sun
Too many stare into your eyes
forgetting beauty is dangerous sometimes

You’re unreliable
misery loves company
and you, my friend
are not good company
feeling like a proclaimed sting ray floating atop the ocean alone
with you staring at me
I lost my sting

while you still shine-
parading your glory
in the midst of my self discovery
in the way you rise above the world
at the way you let the world use you
I loved you for more than resources
the source of my revamped ways and days


make half a revolution out of my life now
I have yet to make a full one
So I will sache amongst the real stars
the humble ones
who just sparkle all together
far from you
in the night

when real pain needs to watch them and gain hope in life
Stars don’t burn us
or give us cancer if we sit in amazement for too long
they are just as human
and lonely
and doomed to die
as I am

pretending to live

and the moon
as cratered
and stepped on
by weird weightless men
as I am
Grey in all its beauty
like woman

we are rock in the sky amongst universes of gas and fire
maybe I’m jealous of your immortality
I used to be flaming like you
but damnit
I’m only human, sun

By: Tiffany Viruet

Check out her Blog at:


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