I am back! I know I have been somewhat tardy in keeping this, my alternate reality blog, up-to-date but there is a very good reason for my absence. I was writing and writing a lot. Somebody once told me to just write, write everyday and you shall get better at it. With that as my driving force, I entered into every writing contest I could.

Besides all that activity I also started to write a book that has been in my head for years. It first came to thought when I was on a journey in the Navy and ran across a gentleman that sparked an idea, a thought, a creativity that has lasted with me for over 10 years.  Well with that journey firmly started and the road beneath my feet becoming easier to travel upon, i shall return to my blog in haste.

I have made a few updates to my tools as well during this process. I live in the Bronx, work in Lower Manhattan, so i have about a 45 minute commute from home to work and back again, all compliments of my chauffer NYC MTA. They greatest tool i added was my iPhone 4 with WordPress and Evernote. So with this post I would like to apologize for my long absence and say I’M BACK!


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