When was the last time you did something kind, caring or generous for someone else and expected nothing in return? For most of us, acts of selfless love aren’t an everyday occurrence. But they should be. These acts often go unnoticed because they typically involve quiet sacrifice. We don’t do them because we seek recognition or personal gain; we do them because we see a need—someone will be better off because we chose to act.

I am writing this after the loss of a co-worker and friend of mine. She was only 32 years old, Her 5 year old daughter and I both share the same birthday, it was sad to attend her wake the day after celebrating the birthdate of her child and mine for that matter. We had just spoken a few days before about her return to work. Laughing and joking about what pranks we were going to attempt to play on each other. But sadly all this shall never transpire.  Her daughter shall never truly know her mother except through stories and remembrances.

My dear friend did something so unselfish prior to leaving us that it restores hope in mankind. She made sure that even though she wouldn’t be around to see her daughter to adulthood or bandage her cuts or wipe her tears or tell her that it would be okay. My friend made sure that in death her daughter would live life as if she was still providing for her – she left her a LIFE insurance policy.

If you think about it, buying a life insurance policy is an act of selfless love. In all likelihood, you won’t be around to see the benefits of a life insurance purchase. But the proceeds of your policy could benefit your loved ones for many years after you’re gone. The real purpose of life insurance is to protect the one we love, it’s the ultimate unselfish act, it basically says “Hey, I Love You, and I want to make sure that if anything happens to me you are taken care of…that the kids are provided for…that I don’t leave you any debts, that our dreams can live on”.

Someone once said that Life Insurance is the greatest love letter ever written and I believe that. No one is getting out of LIFE alive – death is certain. Hopefully we all get to live a full and exciting life, but if not, life insurance is there to help our love ones move forward. Our final expenses are our loves ones first expenses.


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