May 31, 2011

Topic #143:

Take revenge (or pity) on your least favorite school teacher – write about what you’d say to them now that you’re older and can talk to them as an adult.

This topic doesn’t really speak to me like other topics. I never really had a least favorite teacher in school or a favorite teacher for that matter. I viewed them all as baby sitters in my life. The teachers that I did like more than others never seemed to be “MY” teachers but somehow I had to interact with them on a daily basis. During my school years I pretty much just floated in-between the class clown and the teachers pet. That no-mans-land in academia was my comfort spot and I loved being invisible.

If my teachers took notice it was mainly because I share a famous Poet’s initials. My calculus teacher, I recall, resigned himself to teach me about T.S. Eliott. On my birthday that year he presented me with a book of his writings. The next day I had to recite “Whispers of Immortality” by T.S. Eliot. 

The only thing I can think of saying to any of my teachers is “Thanks”!


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