June 2, 2011

Topic #145

What is a fear you think you can conquer today?

I do not think I can conquer my fear today. In the past I have been able to over come the current fears I had merely by facing them head on. I once had the fear of jumping out of an airplane, I beat that by actually doing it. Another fear was jumping off the high dive at the pool, over came that by doing it. The biggest fear I had actually was from something so small as to be insignificant to most people, earthworms. On rainy days when these critters fancied sticking their heads out of the ground, I found myself tip-toeing over them. The slightest touch sent shivers through-out my body. Conquering that fear took time, effort and mental aptitude. I found a nice little secluded place in my mind and I go there. In this place they don’t exist and while I am there I can be superman.


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