June 4, 2011

Topic #148

Do you think people should have the right to commit suicide? What about euthanasia?

Recent news: Jack Kevorkian has died.

I whole-heartedly believe people have the right, undeniable, to commit suicide. It is selfish of us as humans to dictate the choices or limits of our non-experience on the template of another’s suffering. If you have not first walked in that person’s shoes how can you deny them their right to make choices about their life, even if that choice is to end their life. Yes, we might want to try to hold them here a little longer for our own selfish purposes. But alias, I ask when does our tolerance for self gratification end and their misery begin?

When a person has lived a long and fruitful life and is suffering a slow and agonizing death is it wrong to end that suffering? How are we as a society to judge a sane person who has earned their keep the right to decide their final fate. Euthanasia should be a right of all living beings to chose the end of their existence. Yes we are our brothers keeper, but when does that keeping defile their memory, their spirit, borders on insane communal control? Have we not evolved to a sufficient level to respect the rights and wishes of our peers and loved ones as equals.

Cast my vote for euthanasia under the proper circumstances. Suicide, assisted or otherwise, that interferes with the comings and goings of other is just plain disrespectful. You can not feel free to leap recklessly upon the tracks of the #4 train on 125th street during rush hour and think your just. If thou doust feel the need to go into the night without a fight, your choice, but do it whimpering like a wounded animal, not as a man. Give up this mortal realm in the comfort of your bed, silently slipping into the emptiness that is the next step in existence – non-existence. The choice be yours! The choice be ours by birth! Let no government or law interfere.


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  1. I completely agree, but until this country can fully separate church and state that’ll never happen. Since suicide is supposedly a sin, there’s no way that this country will see it as an individual’s rights. Kind of like abortion, suicide is generally argued from a standpoint of religion and/or morality.


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