Topic #149: Do you believe in life on other planets? Why or why not? Why do you think most alien races in most movies are so dangerous rather than friendly?

The real issue here is do you believe that in all the cosmos and in all the chaos that order only played out on this single planet? Let’s, for a minute, put religion aside and deal with the science of life. There were a specific set of events that happened over a grand period of time that set the course for life as we know to exist on this planet.

Now look up in the sky. Every star you see is a sun with planets orbiting it. Are we to understand that this speck of dirt in that cloud of dust we call the milky way is the only one with life? Now lets refocus and look a little closer at home. Walk to the edge of the beach and stare into the ocean. That is an alien environment that does not support the continual existence of humans but yet it contains life, life in all its myriad forms. Forms that are so different from ours that we once wrote stories about monsters from the deep.

Why cannot we, as humans, hail the divine universe for being uncannily prescient. That it, foreseeing a myriad of developments, decided to instill the very spark of life on numerous other planets. The divisive consequences that developed life on Earth is most certainly being played out on other worlds.

Humans always have a knack for seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full. We look to the negative to justify our superiority in the universe. The reason I think that we portray aliens in movies and writings as dangerous is because it is a direct reflection of our inane fear of the unknown. We feared the Earth was round, We feared Earth was “NOT” the center of the universe, We feared people that did not worship our gods, or look like us. Our fears is what drives us to hold back from truly being what we should be as a race in and amongst the stars.

As we reach for the stars and embrace their diversity we shall break another barrier that supposedly cannot be. Life on other worlds. Let’s just hope and pray that it is friendly or that we are evolved enough to be friendly to it.


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