Topic #151: Do a post about your favorite posts from last month. Go take a look at everything you published in May (or in March-May if you’re doing post a week). Pick the top 5 posts you liked the most, and put them together into a post for today, with commentary on what you’ve learned about those topics since then.

As an inspiring writer, most of the blogs I read are related to the topic of writing. With that said I entered into quite a few writing events attempting to write everyday and be given some type of direction. The major project being attempted is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Since this was going to be my first effort at doing this challenge (skirted the challenge in 2010), i endeavored to test run it. I have the story idea, the plot, the characters all laid out in my mind. Somewhere on the railroad between what I envision and the computer, their is a horrific derailment at elbow intersection. The contents of my mind stay bogged down in an eternal gridlock. The greatest challenge for me as a writer is writing that very first sentence. Once that log jam is broken, the story just flows forth.

Upon reading my subscriptions I stumbled across a blog I subscribed to and that writer was also experiencing the same issue. I have taken Katy’s advise on breaking this mental log jam of mines.

Read more at On non-existent plots and an ill-fated writing goal


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