Hey Fam! Juzz Jamie here! This is my first blog of many more to come. But I am inviting you to take a glimpe into my world. Or even better yet to walk along with me in it. Yes Im here to share to express. Hopefully to inspire somehow, someone, somewhere. In honor of those who have inspired me before this day. My invitation to you? Is take me along with you and inspire me as well! A Challenge to share. A Challenge to inspire one another. Uplift one another. Im sure I may say something from time to time that you may not agree with. And that’s ok. Let’s agree to remain openminded and learn from eachother’s point of views, from eachother’s experiences!

What I promise you, is my heart. I lay it down on the line when I write. The words just flow. So I will be real with you. Tell the truth no matter how it makes me look. Despite what anyone may think. I’m gonna give you Juzz Jamie’s view of it all. Juzz the way I see it. But especially Juzz the way I feel it!

I want to thank my co-pilot my homeboy from Twitter Merc Xue for inviting me to share along with him. Mad respect and the most gracious thanks. Let the journey begin!


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