Topic #153: What’s the smartest thing you’ve heard this week? (Lets try to take a positive twist after yesterday’s negative topic).

The smartest thing I’ve this week was actually from a little child that was on the train. The child asked her mother, “Why doesn’t the Government just arrest the Congressman for lying to God under oath.”

Clearly she was referring to Congressman Weiner as she pointed to the front page of the paper. This little girl understood enough about how public officials are sworn into office and how accused people are required to tell the truth in a court of law. She also understood that if they lie they can be held in contempt of court. We should all give Jack McCoy (Law & Order) a round of applause for so clearly demonstrating this fact on TV.

If this was as easily done in the real world as it is on TV, I hypothesize that we would not have any public figures. It goes without saying, that lying and public service, undeniably go hand in hand. Congressman Weiner should just step down gracefully and let the issue fade from the spotlight. He is after all in trouble not for the sexting so much so as for the lying about the sexting. Not everyone can eloquently claim “I did not have Sex with that woman.”


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