Topic #156: If you knew you were going to live forever, what would change?
(hee hee, bet you didn’t see that coming after yesterday’s topic, did you?)

If I knew I was going to live forever, I would make it my business to become fluent in the languages that are dying. I would master all the ancient forms of self defense. I strongly believe that we shall stop progressing at some point and begin another dark age. Stupidity and Ignorance are easy and seem to be increasing in the younger generation. I witness young adults every day not even capable of filling out a simple job application.

With the prison system becoming nothing more than colleges for criminals, we are approaching a critical point in the next societal change. Terrorist organizations bring entire countries to their knees with just a simple train bombing. Corrupt officials in are selling nuclear secrets with reckless abandonment – As long as they “get paid”.

The reason for the languages is so that i will be able to communicate in secret between my generals. The reason for the ancient arts of self defense is so that i can rise to warlord status. We all know, might makes right. The mightier the person the more ignorant. Let’s be real how hard is it to pick things up and put them down!


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