Topic #158: Write about a recurring dream you have. If you don’t have any recurring dreams, why do you think some people do, and some people don’t?

dreams I have had a recurring dream where i find myself following a woman in a square. She disappears in the crowd as i reach out to grab her arm, always right out of reach. The dream then jumps to a sidewalk cafe with us sitting at a table talking and drinking coffee when her sister joins us. Only then do I realize she is the ghost of this woman’s sister. We talk, laugh, share moments, discuss how we both had this dream. At this moment is when I usually wake up. The very first time This occurred I actually woke up crying. It was a refreshing relief crying. I really truly felt relieved as I tried to recover myself and furiously jot down the events before they slipped away into the ether.

I believe some people have recurring dreams because something in life is playing out in their subconscious and It is a conflicting situation. I know why I am having this dream and can pretty much guess what the dream is attempting to help me do, push me to do. The problem is consciously I am conflicted and do not want to really risk the current situation.


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