Topic #160: What would cause you to protest or riot for something?

Background: Last night riots broke out in Vancouver, after their hockey team lost in the NHL finals. Many people have criticized the people and the city for being so destructive over a sport. But people are very passionate about sports. What are you passionate enough to participate in a protest? Or a riot? Or is there nothing at all?

School-Closings-BusI recently participated in a protest about two weeks before this writing event was proposed. It was for the continuation of Charter Schools in NYC. Apparently, a  proposed and filed law suit, attempts to discontinue all charter schools in NYC. In a city where corruption rules supreme, charter schools are the last bastion of true education for kids. The public school system, controlled by a corrupt union, is more concerned about dues and keeping teachers whom are serving jail terms on the payroll. The NAACP, currently led by a convicted felon and corrupt individual, has actually filed a lawsuit to stop the continuation of charter schools.

This is a grievance that cannot be ignored. If this very act of limiting education to the masses is allowed, it not only is setting a dire course for America but it is also restricting a basic freedom and right many people gave their lives for. I stood on the shoulders of giants, giants like my grandmother, and enjoyed a great opportunity due to their sacrifices. The ability to choose my education vehicle. 

Dr. Martin Luther King is not the only one who wanted to live a dream. America is based on Dreams, freedoms, choice. That is what makes us GREAT and consequently the most HATED country in the world. As I traveled around the world I was told numerous times on various occasions that we “AMERICANS” have too many choices. Who needs 100 different types of cereals, 50 different types of milk? Well I want to say that “I DO”.  

This is something that would make me protest or riot. When the very liberties that I enjoyed are being denied to my children, the future of our great country. I fought wars to protect and shed blood to ensure its endurance against time. So why is the leading organization for the equality of all peoples suddenly reversing is mandate? Does the N.A.A,C.P. now stand for Niggers Against the Advancement of Colored People?

I am just saying where do we turn for help, when the very organization that stood for equality against all odds is now allowing itself to be led by corrupt selfish individuals intent on selling itself to the highest bidder? Stand with me against the closure of charter schools.

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