Topic #161: What have you lost recently? And what are you doing to try to get it back? Or are you now surprised to be glad you lost it?

Bonus: It could be something emotional, psychological or personal, not just a physical object. Maybe you’ve lost your courage, or your fear.


I have lost a lot recently. With the collapse of the financial system world wide, much of the luxuries I once enjoyed and took for granted now escape my meager existence. But I have grown stronger in the face of adversity. The struggle is now not about losing but about rebuilding. With that in mind I guess I have lost a fear, the fear of starting over, of beginning the struggle anew.

Unlike most of my friends, I chose the road least traveled. I chose to blaze new paths, walk off the beaten path. The road least traveled was the only road I navigated. Knowing now, hindsight and all, would I chose another path? No!


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