Topic #162: When you get mad, what calms you down? Why? Has this changed as you’ve gotten older?

body_language_niyi_015 As I have grown older I have noticed that I do not actually get mad as much as when I was younger. But what calms me down is still the same thing, just silence and time alone. I will remove myself from the situation or person that caused me to get angry.

The one thing I do differently now is I do not express my angry-ness in the open. I was once told that when you show people that they can make you angry they gain control and power over you. By knowing how to manipulate your emotional state, you allow people to control how you feel. My outside face – or mask – is always one of calm and tranquility. I could be a raging storm on the inside, the pit of my stomach in more turmoil than a category 5 hurricane, but only I shall know it.

At this point I would guess the only thing that has changed as I’ve gotten older is my ability to surpress and control the outer expression of my anger.


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