Topic #164: What war is worth fighting?

This is an interesting topic considering that America is currently involved in not one but two wars; or one war on two fronts to be technical. Do you think that if we had laid aside our aggressiveness and took a position of pacification like Europe did during World Wars I & II, we would be better off right now?

How easy it is to forget, especially by arm chair pacifists, that America was attacked, New York City Devastated, the Pentagon left smoldering; and all this was unprovoked. Shall we as the leaders of the free world and prime institution of Democracy capitulate to terrorism like Spain?

The term war is tossed around all too easily and freely by the press now-a-days and used as propaganda to rally people behind causes such as Drugs, Immigration, Education (or lack there of). As a soldier who was involved in the first Iraq War and as a Native New Yorker, I know first hand the horrors associated with the term. War is not glorious by any means, but it is necessary. Humans have been fighting each other since Cain and Able. We shall continue that tradition until we evolve far enough or face a superior threat that causes us to realign our thinking of our neighbors and brothers.

So to answer the question: What war is worth fighting?, i would answer that until we realize that we are truly the most highly evolved species on the planet, all wars are worth fighting. “War is the continuation of policy by other means.” – Carl von Clausewitz.


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  1. I think the US has to pick its battles more carefully. Yes, we were attacked in New York and Virginia and almost DC but not by another nation. Even today we are being attacked on a new front. Cyberterrorism is rampant right now and there cannot be an armed response to that threat. Yes, war is a necessary evil but the US does not need to be active participant right now. We have to pull back and regroup. Our infrastructure is at risk and we WILL BE VULNERABLE at home if we spread ourselves to thin abroad.

  2. Bill you are absolutely correct in your comment. I think the US does need to invest more in its Strategic Infrastructure. We need to secure our electronic borders and sensitive areas against a very real and rising threat. How can we hope to defend the “homeland” if that same land is being systematically compromised from hackers both independant and backed by foriegn governments.


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