Topic #166: Do you think you’d make a good president? Or Prime-minister? Or King? If so, what would be the first thing you’d do in office?

Bonus: If not yourself, who do you know that you think would make for a good president? Perhaps a blogger you’ve met through #postaday?

I believe I would make a great president. The first thing I would do when I took office would be to change the laws and restrict the conditions under which people would be allowed to sue other individuals or company’s in court. This nation is turning into a nation of free hand outs. Common sense seems to have been tossed out with the bath water.

The issue that always bothered me on this topic was when a customer that ordered coffee and spilled it in their lap was allowed to sue. She stated that she did not understand that the coffee was that hot. At the time there was no such thing as ice coffee, so what did she assume it was?


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