June 27, 2011

New Blog Look

Alternate Reality has a new look. I have returned more focused and armed with new weapons in my writing repertoire. This mere mortal splurged and garnered a new design. It has been said that you feel good when you look good. Well now the blog looks good. I am still in the process of tweaking it and adding pieces. Feed back on the new look would be greatly appreciated.

I write not just for my release and exposure, but also for you, the visitors that read my blog. This is the medium I chose to voice my inner most thoughts. This is what relaxes me after a stressful day doing what the world desires of me. For the new people that stumble upon this humble blog – i hope you enjoy your stay and decide to return again. The thing I enjoy most in life is traveling, reading and writing. The issue is that most of the things i write never make it to this blog. I was uncomfortable with the old look, but am greatly pleased with the new layout.  I guess that means I have no excuses.

Onward then unto the unknown! Hope you join me on my journey into greatness or blessed oblivion.


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