Topic #171: Do you believe in free-will? Can you prove what you believe?

I believe we all have a choice. But then the choices we make are usually reactions to events happening all around us which could be considered as lack of choice and more cause and effect. Some people would argue that cause and effect denies free will, but with every cause we have a choice that affects the effect (take notice on the difference between the Affect and Effect).

The accompanying image is the greatest tool to explain why i believe we have free will. While most people can argue a different point of view and interject deities into the argument, I say Nay. For example you arrive at work, for illustration purposes – a bank, and you witness a hold up in progress, what do you do? Right there is a cross roads. You are enveloped in a situation that you did not choose and about to react. Hence, Cause. Now comes the affect to the effect of the situation. Affect basically means to influence the action or cause. You have multiple choices here, but let’s limit it to just two. Call the police or walk away. By calling the police you effect the outcome of the situation by escalating the situation. If you walk away you do nothing to influence the situation and you remain unchanged. The basic definition of effect is “causing a result”.

There you were presented with two choices and your free will decided what the outcome would be. We also have to argue the point that some people might raise about destiny. I believe that destiny – per se – is just our predisposition to the opposition of pain. Some people like to make hard choices while others try with all their energy and effort to avoid them. Thus said does that mean that certain individuals are destined to be successful while others aren’t or is it the freedom of will to take risks, challenges, that different road. I think it is primarily because of free will that we are all different. We freely decide whom to marry, how many kids to have, our educational attainment. If this isn’t proof that we posses free will than what word would you chose to describe it?

Let me know  your thoughts on this topic.


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