Topic #173: Do you prefer the aisle or window when traveling? Why?

I travel a lot, I mean I really travel a lot. In a typical year I will probably log about 20,000 air miles, considering the average person only travels 1,055 miles makes mine significant. It is a personal goal of mine to visit two countries I have not visited before each year. With me spending so much time in the air, I prefer the window seat.

Why do I prefer the window – primarily for two reasons. The first is visualized by the accompanying image in the blog. How many times have you had to move or squeeze into the back of the seat to let an oversized person with a weak bladder push by to relieve themselves.

The second reason is that I like to see the outside world fly by. It allows my mind to wonder about simple things like flying, the contour of the Earth, clouds. I can just relax and space-out by just enjoying the view from the window.

What do you prefer – aisle or window?


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