Topic #174: Google recently released Google+, a new social network. Do you think you need another social network? Do you prefer real social networks (people you actually see regularly), or are you happy with the digital social networks you use? Or do you avoid them all on principle?

We need another social network simply to keep competition in the market place. With Facebook dominating the social networking scene and not really giving users the privacy they need, deserve or crave, a new comer like Google can help to bring some semblance of balance.

Remember MySpace? Facebook came along and literally wiped them out of existence by offering what users wanted at the time. I think Google will bring about the same change that Facebook optioned on MySpace users.

I am currently happy with the social network I use right now primarily because I am not a heavy user of Facebook. I do not think I will rush onto the Google+ scene. It took me about two years after Facebook was launched before I created a page. My circle of friends actually forced my move from MySpace onto Facebook.

So let’s see what will happen with this new venture into social networking and the effect my friends can affect.


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