Topic #178: If you started your own nation, what rules would be in your constitution? What country would you model your rules after?

Bonus: Whether you like the USA or not, two documents, the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution, are landmark references in the creation of government. They’re also good reads for anyone trying to start an organization of any kind.  Also see, Magna Carta.

This would be a dream job, to actually build a nation that would leave your name emblazoned in history. The trick would be with absolute power not to become absolutely corrupt.

I would definitely model my new nation on the premise of the United States with a few changes. I would place restraints on the creation of unions and the ability of entities to sue for monetary gain. I would create a system for holding public officials accountable, equalizing the justice system on issuing punishment and limiting how credit is used in negative ways.

The biggest change in my new nation from the model I would base it on is the social support system. I would have one, but the requirements for obtaining help from it, albeit disability and retirement, would be based on meeting certain criteria. The basic prerequisite would be one’s basic education level. 

I would also have a flat tax rate and some type of affordable medical system in place. Universal health care I do not think works in a world obsessed with competition. The ability of one to earn more by pushing their limit to be better is what makes America great. To be marginalized is just another way of trying to make communism work.


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