Topic #183: Are you happy or sad the Space Shuttle has been retired? What do you think the next goal for humans in space should be, and what do you think Russia and China, the new leaders, will do next? Is it important enough to get funding before other needs?

See: What’s next for U.S. Space Program?

I for one will be sad that the space shuttle missions have ended. It is just something about having a space program that says we are still a viable world leader. Having to depend on another country to launch American interests into space just feels wrong. NASA has been doing this for 30 years, on American soil, it is one of the things that made “US” all proud to be American.

The death of the space shuttle program without a viable alternative is essentially killing the dream of JFK and the nation. Yes, we did succeed in putting a man on the moon, but now what? Where do we go from there?

President Obama said that the focus of the new NASA was on Vesta and Mars but without a shuttle program in place. In order for one thing to begin, something old must end. The shuttle program has ended, so does that mean they are beginning effects to break the gravity barrier?

It feels like we’re really saying goodbye to space. Space was the frontier that generated so many new idea’s, companies, products, etc to the American way of life and the world in general. Without that last frontier to conquer what do we do? The Earth is slowly dying and we need alternatives to support the population. i hope the NEW research through they’re newest deep space exploration technology pans out. Starting new projects for our great grandchildren that someday benefits them like NASA benefitted us. That’s what I keep telling myself when I get sad for a moment about it.


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