Topic #185: Do you believe machines will be smarter than humans?Many sci-fi movies are based on computers becoming smarter than we are. Do you think this is possible? Why or why not?  If it’s possible, do you think it will be dangerous for us? Or beneficial?


image I am a huge Sci-Fi buff so this is a question I get asked a lot.

Never will machines become smarter than humans in my opinion. Machines are just mechanical things that rely on the programming that allow them to perform certain tasks. Smarter, refers to intelligence; intelligence is comprised of more than just the ability to retrieve information in a moments notice. Intelligence is about imagination (funny how this is left out of the equation).  They used to say necessity is the mother of invention, invention is about being able to dream and imagine the possibility of something. Machines do not dream, they just exist.

If this was a question of if machines are faster, stronger, better (within certain constraints) than humans I would be pressed t agree, but smarter, not a chance in Hell.  Our brains are essentially organic machines with one major difference, we can aspire to be better than what we are via the sins of Envy, Jealousy and Pride. It can conveniently be worded as Desire.

There doesn’t seem to be many if any at all to the limits we can achieve. Every time we think there is an unbreakable barrier someone “dreams” up a solution to achieve the impossible. Eventually someone will build a computer capable of mimicking the processing power of the average human brain, but then it will need programming. Whether the result will be considered as smart as humans are depends on how you quantify “smart.”


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