Topic #187: When is it acceptable to kill things? People? Animals? Plants? Ideas? Dreams?

imageThe only time it is acceptable to kill a living thing, in my personal opinion, is when that thing threatens your existence. This does not suggest that walking into a lions den with steaks wrapped around your neck makes it justifiable. Killing another person, because they killed a person is not justifiable either. I believe that every person was brought into existence for a reason. That reason may not be known today, tomorrow or even in this lifetime, but their present existence serves a purpose that we as singular existing beings can not begin to understand.

The killing of dreams and ideas is a different story all together. Dreams, encouraged, become ideas and ideas become actions. It is when that action will result in the harming of another person or entity that terminating that dream or idea is acceptable. In most cases dreams should be fostered. The need to kill dreams and ideas would give me an inclination that perhaps they are too hard to achieve. Killing your dreams or the dreams of others would be, in essence, giving up. It is great to have dreams an ideas they are what keep us ambitious and drive the desire to succeed.

The killing of plants and animals should fall alongside the same process of killing people. The ecosystem that sustains humans on this planet is connected by and dependant upon each and every living thing. We need to have a greater respect for the biosphere that supports us before thinking that it does not matter in some way. 


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