Topic #189: Is it possible to know someone too well? If that’s true, why do we typically have the goal of always trying to get to know people better?

Is it possible to know yourself? I find that I truly do not even understand myself at times. I am familiar with myself to a point but under varying circumstances the outcome is rarely how I would have expected.

I believe that you can know a person to a certain point and within certain conditions. Sometimes we think we know that person, but then we discover later that we didn’t at all. May be being familiar is a better concept. A person is unique, constantly changing, evolving. That what’s make us interesting. Every day brings something new onto our horizons that expand who we are. Deep, lasting friendships are uniquely and richly rewarding and give us great insight into how a person can be at times. But people can always spring something new onto you. That’s life. One big adventure. As a rule I never claim to know any one too well as people tend to be full of surprises no matter how well you think you know them. So I do always leave room for the unexpected surprise in people!


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