Topic #190: Can a movie be better than the book it was based on? What examples come to mind? Or is it sometimes just a matter of which version you see first, as that will define the story for you, regardless of which version was made first?

image  I do not think any movie is tangible enough to replace the visuals one can concieve in their mind. The experience of reading, fostering emotions, creating images in your mind is purely unique. That feeling, that attachment is something that can never be replaced or duplicated by someone else. Regardless of how true or realistic it may be, what you create in your minds eye is based on your experience as the reader. It is your very own world that you create with the help of the author as your guide, your architect.

Few movies, if any, are better than the books they’re based on. But there have been a few that transcended that prejudice and took the audience where the book could not. I do not know if it was because the book was poorly written or just to dense to engage the reader. I tend to find that books written after the movie as not as good as the movie. This can be attributed to the fact in my opinion that the author was not the one driving the story, creating that magical place. He was merely the conduit to another persons dreams. Dreams that were not as clear and concise to the writer as they were to the producer.


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