Topic #194: Recently Rupert Murdoch, as part of investigation into corruption at one of his newspapers,  was attacked in courtroom by someone wielding a custard pie. Historically, people used to throw food at other people as a sign of protest, particularly eggs and tomatoes.

Would you ever throw food at anyone? Perhaps in a college dorm food fight? Or have you ever had food thrown at you? Tell the first story that comes to mind.


Yes, I would definitely throw food at someone. Yes, I have definitely had food thrown at me. The reason for the dual Yes’ is mainly because I have been involved in food fights as and adult and child. I think that having a food fight as a kid is a basic part of growing up. I can not imagine never having to experience something as fun as a food fight.

My earliest recollection of having a food fight was in the sixth grade. It was a planned event by lots of the kids in my class to protest that they had changed the menu from pizza Friday to something else. We loved our pizza on Fridays. After the first kid throw her food, a girl kicked off the event. The entire lunchroom erupted in organized chaos. Girls seemed to have the most guts when we were smaller, they seemed unafraid of trouble.

I still remember how much fun it was. As I am writing this short piece, it brings a smile across my face. Pizza Fridays was restored two weeks later. Needless to say we had to have another food fight the following week before they actually brought back the pizza.


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