Topic #195: There are tons of blog posts out there and all too many of them take the form of top ten lists. Perhaps David Letterman is to blame, or there’s just something satisfying about the number ten that we can’t avoid. They’ve been around for a long time, and there are even websites dedicated to top ten lists for everything.

Either way, make a list of the reasons why top ten lists are often so disappointing. If you can’t quite come up with 10, go for a Top 5 list. And if you’re feeling more positive today than I am, go for a top ten list of why top ten lists are awesome.


1. You don’t know why you have one.

2. You list has no real purpose.

3. The list is not humorous.

4. The list too general

5. You rephrase something you said because you can not think of something else.

6. You use the list as method to cheat instead of writing something.

7. List should be used to purchase things instead of conveying ideals.

8. Life is not like a box of chocolates to be listed.

9. Writing 10 things to list on a top ten lists is truly hard work.

10. Most people don’t have ten interesting things to put on a top ten list.


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