Topic #196: People are too dependent on technology: agree or disagree? Explain.


There is a fine line that separates dependence and making technology work for us. We have definitely become more dependant with the development and use of technology in our everyday lives. Let’s not forget the primary reason we create technology – to make life easier for us. The development of technology has allowed the human race to sustain the population of our species past the saturation point of Earth.

In order to feed, house and clothe over 6 billion people, we need technology. There is no way McDonalds could serve 1.6 million eggs in a single day without the help of technology. Think about all the chickens laying eggs across the world and those eggs being shipped to the far reaches of the earth to feed growing population centers.

Technology is just more than computers and cell phones. It is the vaccines that allow people to live healthier lives, it is the ability to grow more food stocks and not depleting the ground soil. Lets not forget about the Dust Bowl event of the early 20th century. Most of the time we only see and think about the overt aspects of technology. I am writing this blog during a 6 day, 100 degree, heat wave and let me tell you, I am glad for the technology behind air conditioning and electricity.

Despite the dependence on the technology we use in our everyday lives, I still do not believe that we have become overly dependent on it. It is not used to foster excesses such as making us stronger or supplanting limbs for the sake of doing so. We use the technology to ensure that even the weakest person can live a better life. Technology has allowed us to progress past the point of leaving infants with defects in the fields to be eaten by wolves.

So you tell me if we are too dependent on technology?


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