Topic #197: Why are reality TV shows so popular? It seems everyone hates them in general, but has one show they just can’t stop watching. Which one is yours? If you don’t watch any, which of the ones you’ve heard about do you think you’d be most likely to watch? What’s your theory about why this form dominates so much of modern TV?


I think reality TV shows are popular because they seem to be un-scripted. People like to think that they are watching the real lives of real people. We tend to gravitate towards people that share some resemblance to us or how we want to be. The reality TV show I love to watch is the Chef Ramsey series “Hell’s Kitchen”.

I love food and I love to see the differences in the competing chefs style. It also fun to see how they crack under pressure when put into situations that they are not comfortable with. There seems to be a lack of imagination on the part of Hollywood these days to produce good shows. With that shortage reality TV has been granted an over abundance of the spotlight. Now you can take a no-body of the streets and instantly make them a star. 

I think people just like to see other people suffer.


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