Topic #198: Describe your dream house.  Where is it? What rooms does it have? How would you design the floorplan? Would you do in the layout and style of the house if there were no restrictions on expense or location?


The house of my dreams would be a combination of there types of houses. It would take distinct features from the X-Mansion (where the X-men reside) and Wayne Manor (where Batman lives). The third feature is it would be ultra modern. I would do away with most of the brick and switch it up for some steel and glass. The glass would be able to switch from clear to tinted at the press of a button.

There would be two main floors above ground with a basement and sub-basement. It would contain all the normal rooms such as a library, theatre, gym, kitchen, bedrooms (about 7) and bathrooms. Then there would be the special rooms. They would be designed around specific themes such as homework room, play room, his and hers home office.

The outside would contain at least 5 acres of landscaped beauty. The porch area would be a dual level with a built in bar-b-que area that would rival anything on these cooking channels. It would also be the launching point of a slide that ends at the deep end of an Olympic sized pool, heated of course. I would want to incorporate a cove with a waterfall into that somewhere. The waterfall would be the secret entrance to a nice heated cove that resembled a cave. Romantic nights abound in this cove.

The location of my dream house would have to be located on the East Coast or a private island somewhere. I would not live in the South or West. Access to water is the key component. It would also need to be in a place where the seasons change. The house incorporate a security system that would rival that of the most secure Gov’t facilities. A House of this magnitude requires a security system with no equals.


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  1. The cove idea sounds really nice 🙂


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