Topic #200: In honor of reaching topic #200, what in your life would want to have 200 more of? Some people say they want to live longer, but would you really want to live for another 200 years? Others claim they want to be smarter, but how would you get along with your friends if you were 200 times smarter than they are (assuming that’s not already the case)? Perhaps you’d like a new car, but would could you possibly do with 200 more of them?


My grandmother passed away a few years ago and upon reflection of her life I began to truly understand why she said she lived in the most amazing of times. She was born into dirt roads, outhouses, oil lamps, horse and buggy transportation. The thought of flight was resigned to that of birds or myths such as Icarus and his father Daedalus.

When my grandmother passed away, the world she left was vastly different from the one she entered. Not only was there paved roads but we also had a national highway system, the world fought two world wars, horses were freed from bondage and replaced by gas powered automobiles and flight was something of a fancy. We had not only succeeded in taking one small step but we conquered great strides in advancement. The human race had reached for the stars and shook their hands.

So what does this have to do with the topic? Lots. I would want to have 200 more years to live. The experience that my grandmother had feels like it is being denied to this generation. Yes, we have progressed during my life time but we have also taken great steps backwards. Space flight has taken a back seat to terrorism; advancement in new fuel technology is being strangled by fanatical radicals that control the oil producing countries of the world. The thought of making money by any means necessary lends itself to corruption on a global scale. My hunch is that to experience what my grandmother lived through in her very short 96 years would require that I live about 200 years.

What would you like 200 more of?


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