Topic #201: What would it take to get you to move? If someone you trusted offered you $1000 to move to a different city, would that be enough? More? Or would you need other things (the promise of friends or better weather?) What would they need to offer you before you’d instantly say yes? Or if you already want to move, what would it take to get you to stay?


It would take a very practical reason to make me move. It would have to involve money and lots of it, sex and of course employment. I have lived in numerous cities around the world and I always find myself back in New York. I could accept the $1000 and move to a different city without ever leaving the city that I love so much. So this challenge is a win-win situation for me. For those of you that do not understand what I mean by that let me clarify it for you.

New York City is actually 5 separate cities they are: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. So if I accepted the $1000 to move to another city I would just pack my stuff in the Bronx and move to say Manhattan. Simple. Even if the challenge required moving to another state. Living in NYC is special because commuting to another state is sometimes easier than commuting to places within the same city. New Jersey and Connecticut are literally in our backyard.

Now other than that, there is not a chance of me moving without the above requirements being met.


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