Topic #203: Why is there evil in the world?

image Evil exists in the world because just like there is black & white, day and night; there must also be good & evil. You can not have one without the other. In order to have balance, to have disparity there must be opposites. If there was no night, how would be know there is day? The same must exist for Good and Evil. In order for man to say that someone or something is “Good” they must have the opposite to compare it too, hence the creation of “Evil”. Good and evil are human constructs. The universe is indifferent to our plight. We barely register as a blip on its radar.

Evil exists, but I am not sure about moral judgments of evil. What one person or group perceives as good could be perceived by another group as evil. For instance take the crusades. For centuries, the church thought they were doing good by forcing Muslims to switch to Christianity. Yet, the Catholic church has for centuries been carrying out astoundingly evil acts of terrorism, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Yet, these Evil acts were disguised as good and are still to this day taught in school as acts of good. For evil to be absolutely evil, it must be purposeful in spite of natural empathy.


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