Topic #205: What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try? But have chickened out on trying? (lol, chickened.)

Topic suggested by Food Snob Squared, at the Anti-Food snob (which I think should really be called the Anti ‘Food snob’).


Well I must confess that there is very little in the line of food that I have not tried. I am very open when it comes to tasting things at least once. I have traveled to over 80 countries during the 10 years that I was in the military. During those travels the people I spent most of the time with had a on-going challenge to eat the strangest things on the menu in the host country at the time.

It must be said that Asia has some of the strangest food stuffs I have ever experienced. I have eaten stuff like Balut, which is a partially developed boiled egg, Bar-B-Que dog, yes I said dog, Chocolate covered Ants, Monkey on a stick, Alligator, Horse, Snake and different types of bugs. I have never had the opportunity to try monkey brains though.I think that is where my limit for tasting items draws the line.


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