Topic #211: What’s one “luxury” you refuse to live without?

This topic suggested by Stef of the Smile kiddo blog.


A week ago If i was asked this question I would have responded my laptop, but something happened over the last several days that makes me take pause with that answer. Now undoubtedly, the one thing I can not live without is my cell phone. I had lost my phone one day last week and it put me a foul mood literally until the replacement came.

I know I should be more world conscious and say everyone deserves things like fresh water, housing, food, etc, but hey this is my reality. The loss of my phone for those days made me realize what an integral part it plays in my life. A mere tool for communication it is not. It holds favorite photos, contacts, and a host of other information. It also doubles as a mini computer that lets me look up information. I visit my clients a lot and it helps me to take care of them on the spot.

What is the one luxury you can not live without?


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