August 8, 2011


These were spotted posted on the wall in a local DMV office. I guess state workers even have to laugh about how long it takes to get your license renewed.


1. When In Sorrow…..Call John 14
2. When You Have Sinned…..Call Psalm 51
3. When You Worry…..Call Matthew 6:19-34
4. When You Are In Danger…..Call Psalm 91
5. When Your Faith Needs Stirring…..Call Hebrews 11

6. When You Feel Down & Out…..Call Romans 8:31

7. When You Want Peace & Rest…..Call Matthew 11:25-30

8. When The World Seems Bigger Then God…..Call Psalm 90

9. If Your Pocketbook Is Empty…..Call Psalm 37

10. When You Are Lonely & Fearful….Call Psalm 23

11. When You Grow Bitter & Critical…..Call 1Corinthians 13

12. For How To Get Along With Fellow Man…..Call Romans 12

13. If You Are Depressed…..Call Psalm 27

14. If People Seem Unkind…..Call John 15

What emergency numbers have you used in your writing?

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