“As a parent, it sucks when you have childcare issues. Employers should understand, but they just DON’T. SMDH and praying for a miracle at the same time.”

image That came to me by way of my friends Facebook posting today. It amazes me how little thought people give to having children. Especially when their relationship is less than ideal. I am a single parent myself and I know the difficulties of raising a child alone, especially in New York. It is absolutely the hardest job a person can have and I have to extend a well deserved “kudos” to all the single FATHERS with their kids. Single Dads with kids are a much over-looked aspect of our society in America. I am not disavowing the single mothers out there doing their thing, but let’s face it, they have their own bandwagon running at full steam. As single fathers we can’t even seem to get our bandwagon sputtering along. 

Even though in today’s world a quiet but thoroughly monumental revolution is taking place in the American family. The number of fathers solely responsible for the care of their children is growing at a rate almost twice that of single mothers. Fully one-fifth of single parents today are single fathers – more than 2 million of them. I am a single father and I am vocal about fostering the single father cause. Statistically single fathers with children go unrecognized in society. I refuse to go silently into the night because women scream the loudest. But this is not the point of my post today.

The point is that my friend stated that employers should understand and care about an employees child care issues. I beg to differ, employers are not in the business of caring about their employees inability to manage their private lives. This point rings true when it comes to parenting and child care. Women seem to be unable to grab the basic concept that “MEN DO NOT HAVE KIDS”. We have absolutely no input into whether you decide to have kids or not. We can not go before a judge and say “Your Honor, I did not want to have a kid with her” and expect to be relieved of child support. Women have the sole input on bringing another life into this world. We can not force you to have a child, we can not force you to abort a child and we definitely can not put a child up for adoption. The previous three choices are all supremely 100% the choice of women.

My suggestion to women, as a brother to seven sisters, father to one daughter and 50% contributor to two children that I am raising alone is: to make a smart decision when it comes to baring children. They do not get to choose to be born and no one can force you to sustain a pregnancy. Why complain about bosses or employment that is not concerned about your child care issues when clearly you weren’t concerned about it when you were procreating. They do not have to be understanding or caring. It easier to replace you. ‘Nuff said.

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