Topic #213: Who was the first person who believed in you? How did you discover this was true? Have you played a similar role for anyone in your life?

This topic suggested by Stef of the Smile Kiddo blog.

image The first person that I can remember who believed in me I would have to say was my aunt. When I was starting my own business I had nothing but an idea and a pen. She gave me encouraging words, ideas and pushed me never to quit. When I had arrived at my last straw and it was about to break me, she provided the extra support for me to carry the load. I became a successful person in business and life because of her.

I am sure my parent believed in me when I was younger but it was not evident. Parents always give their kids pep talks about things kids are involved in. When I became an adult that changed. They weren’t giving me the same support as my aunt. It was more words of cautiousness wrapped in defeatism. I removed myself from them for the most part. I did not stop seeing them, I merely spoke about what they wanted to hear. Instead of talking about starting my own business, I would talk about how great my job was.

I progressed to reach my goals and removed potential negative distractions.


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