Topic #219: Can anger be constructive?

Yes, I believe can be very constructive when it is controlled and channeled in the proper way. Anger can make the timid and weak stand up for justice. It also can provide one the inner strength to press ahead when everyone or everything seems to be against them. Anger is a powerful force that you must allow yourself to feel. Everyone gets angry, but not everyone lets their anger control them. Anger is one of humanities strongest motivators. It allows you to fully commit to making a complex change in your life and behavior. How many times has someone said something to you and it make you change your behavior?

I remember once I was speaking to a woman in a pizza shop in Times Square. We were talking about traveling to different countries while she was waiting for her daughter. When her daughter arrived I was surprised at the age of her daughter, this woman did not look over 30. She told me that she changed her life because of some kids that said mean things about her on the subway in reference to her weight. She got angry at them and at herself. Anger made her truly look in the mirror and see she was not where she wanted to be in life. That intense negative reaction revved up her internal motor more powerfully than all the well wishes and doctors advice ever did. It encouraged her to make a change for the better. 


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