August 19, 2011

The Browning of America

image Across from me sits the future of America according to all recent statistics. The small Hispanic child, ignorant of the struggles his family undertakes to provide for him in America, plays innocently. As a million tons of stainless steel races through the tunnel that connects the Bronx to Manhattan, he is oblivious to everything around him.  Car number 4160 on the Pelham line, securely attached to its nine brothers, rounds the curve and begins to increase speed. Today begins like any other with four million commuters beginning their day. It starts as any typical Monday morning; wake up, commute, work, commute, sleep.

The train resembles a sardine can at this point. Human flesh, packed tightly together in a 10 by 60 foot high speed aluminum tube. Its as if we are being shot down the packing line waiting to receive a “best before” date stamp. All that’s missing is the special sauce. The wheels begin to screech as we round the last turn. Seasoned riders distinctly react to the sound, begin to stand and jostle their way to the doors. We are about to emerge onto 125th street, HARLEM. This is were the African American renaissance began and thrust Blacks onto the center stage in America during the roaring 20’s. So its not surprising to see a mixing of ethnicities walking around.

Next stop on the High Speed Aluminum Tube is 86th street. This is the bastion of all that is white in New York City. Within the surrounding 20 blocks you have Embassy Row, Upscale Museums, High-End Shopping, Multi-Million dollar townhouses. The movers and shakers of Wall street reside here with most of the “Old” money that runs through NYC. But dotting the landscape is a new resident, slowly and methodically being woven into the quilt. At first you don’t notice, like how you don’t notice the pepper mixed into the salt until there is too much. I didn’t either, until the next “Daddy Day”.

It was a Saturday, aptly referred to as daddy day, and like clock work all the fathers are getting on the train. It’s noon time and we are off to the parks, the movies, shopping, with our offspring in tow. I am sitting with my daughter and across from us is a white man with two little black kids. There is no mixing of the races what so ever prevalent in these two. He is married. They are his kids by adoption and marriage. He nods, I nod back. My daughter breaks the awkward silence and just blurts out “Daddy why does the white man have two black kids with him? Maybe he kidnapped them like on TV.” Kids say the damndest things at the most awkward moments. I laugh, everybody looks and stares, but she wants an answer and is waiting. As I ponder my politically correct response and get ready to fight, the white man answers. He says, “I am married to their mother and I love them like your father loves you.” He must have read “Ode To The Nice Guy” and waited his turn. Cause he scored one for the Nice Guys and two for the Thugs. Nice Guys always end up raising the Thug Guys kids.

Black women, long the progenitors of the black race, are crossing the racial barrier in ever growing numbers looking for happiness. Historically it has been black men that interracially mixed and married. Black women felt like it was their duty to continue the black race into the future. That sentiment is no longer felt as strongly as it once was. By crossing the racial lines and intermarrying the Browning of America is taking place and at a rapid clip. The white man is breeding himself out of existence, is immigrating himself out of existence and signing his own demise. American white society is dying faster than they can two step. With the average white family having only 1 kid two replace 2 parents their numbers are dwindling at a rate of 50%. Then take into effect that white men are interracially marrying. We all know that if a child as any black in them they are considered black and they are procreating themselves out of existence.

Well, I can see a few people saying who cares, that’s progress. I for one shall miss the white man, not by much, but enough. And what about Uncle Ruckus? What does he have to look forward to in this new co-mingling of the races? White Hispanics desperately trying to replace the diminishing ranks of Caucasians.


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