August 20, 2011

I Don’t Do Much!

image You know Mac stay sucker free, so please don’t fuck with me. You don’t really want war, you don’t really want da heat from the four, you don’t wanna eat out a straw. Man, you niggas is broke. Ya’ll niggas aint got no cash. Man, you niggas aint got no stash. Were your wheel and your rims? Mutha fucka look at the heel on your timbs? Nigga ya walking, ya talking. You niggas is ass. I Don’t Do Much. You know Mac lay in da cut, in the tele somewhere layin in smut. You shit where you eat you might as well lay in your pee. (excerpt from “I Don’t Do Much by Beanie Sigel”)

This was the theme running through my mind as I visited some old ass-ociates recently. Yes, ASS-ociates! I have come to realize that we use the term “Friend” to loosely now-a-days. Recently I had the sad experience of realizing a “friends” deception towards me. Instead of them coming at me 1-hundred they lied to my face twice in the same week. But I still extended myself to help them in the long run, after the deception was clearly uncovered by me. I guess I am just a nice guy after all.

I just don’t understand what makes a supposed friend turn against you, literally overnight. There was nothing to warrant this sudden turn of events? I’m struggling just like your struggling. Times are hard for everyone all around, yet you tell me in my own home that you “Hate Me” after I extended hospitality. This was shocking. I  had to ask why? Their justification was I make “IT” look easy. What the fuck is “IT?” I thought the name of the game was never let them see you sweat. So why the deception and back stabbing? We used to roll tight. Now you wanna be a pariah. Now you wanna trade your soul to Jealousy and Envy just to try to throw salt in my game. I don’t stumble. I don’t fall. I persevere, overcome, adapt. They say only drunks and babies tell the truth, I am stocking up on Hennessey.

I guess I have to chalk another one up to “Hater-ism". But hey, if it weren’t for haters, who would we be? I know I love my haters and I’m trying to increase them by 50% before the year is out. Why hate on me because I carry myself with pride, accomplishment and dignity. I take risks in life when you play it safe. I was once told that people hate me because I make “IT” look easy and when they try to do what I do they can’t. I don’t know what “IT” is but I guess “IT” is life. Anyway I am tweaked. My friends are dwindling faster than I can replace them. Soon I guess I am going to have to resort to taking out ads in newspapers. Wanted: friends that don’t hate, have a strong sense of self esteem and unafraid of spontaneity. Serious Inquires Only. See LIFE.

Have you ever had a friend turn against you? Why? How did you take it? 


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