August 27, 2011

NYC Hurricane

It is early in the morning on Saturday. I should be sleeping, relaxing after a very busy work week but I can’t. New York is about to be hit by a category 2 hurricane and the city is preparing for the worst. Parts of the city have already been given mandatory evacuation orders. The Governor of the State of New York issued a state of emergency and mobilized the necessary infrastructure. Even Mass Transit is shutting down at a certain time today. Me on the other hand am not.

Today I am utilizing the time to catch up on last weeks posts and prepare for the upcoming week. This week has been a whirlwind of activity for me and my postings have suffered. I have 15 posts stacked up that need to be tweaked, retouched and sent into the ether. With all that, I still need to post my “postaday” writing challenges.

As I begin I have to make sure I am prepared to sit for hours with no distractions. I am checking to make sure that I am prepared and stocked up with the necessary supplies just incase we lose power. I have been through hurricanes before and this is my second hurricane experience in New York City. Whilst they are rare events, the city is well prepared to handle almost anything that mother nature can throw at it. New Yorkers have learnt from our past and the unfortunate experiences of other cities when it comes to dealing with mother nature and fate.

Fate can be a cruel reminder that if do not know your history you shall be condemned to repeat it.

Let’s see if i am prepared:

Beer? check

Snack foods? check

Cakes, cookies, ice cream? check

Batteries? No bueno

Flashlight, candles, radio? No bueno

I guess I am as prepared as I need to be as a New Yorker. Next Up: Gale force winds, rain by the bucket loads and screams for help in the dark. The perfect accompaniment to my writing or just relaxing. See everyone on the other side of this. 


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