August 30, 2011

Being A Success

I want to be “A Rock Star”.

image Not literally but figuratively speaking. Being an entrepreneurial success is my goal in life. One lesson learned during this last financial crisis is that I can not be subject to the ebbs and flows of corporate America. Executives, Unions and Elected Officials do not care about the majority of the working people when it conflicts with their golden parachutes. How many companies have we seen fold, but yet the executives steering those companies into the ground walked away with fortunes.

If I am to accomplish my goals I realized that I have to change my mindset. The modern entrepreneur works smarter not harder. The smarter as in fewer well spent hours instead of days of hard work and sweat. The power to achieve isn’t in being perfect it’s in human interaction. People relate to people not to perfection. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn. The key is actually learning, not from your mistakes but from the mistakes of others. We all know that if you place your hand in fire you will get burned. The smart man will learn this by watching another man place his hand in fire, thus saving himself the pain.

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life. It’s how we learn, how we grow, how we get to know ourselves intimately. This is empowering because it allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. It also inspires us to achieve. Pain and necessity are the mother and father of invention. Inspiration is their daughter. The ability to be inspired results in great ideas. Success in life is based on the realization of these great ideas. It’s an integral part of being successful and should be part of your repertoire.  Without it you can only fail and in an unspectacular fashion.

If I am to be a success I need to look beyond the stress and feelings associated with being self-employed. I have to look past my comfort zone and start viewing my mistakes as a good, rather than bad, occurrence. This requires that I undergo a significant mindset shift. We are all taught from our earliest days in school that making mistakes are bad. If I am to open my mind to inspiration I need to shut out all the extras. My mind doesn’t play nice when its stressed, overworked or just feels short of time. I am learning to teach it to just sit back in awe and be inspired. The world is full of inspiration, one just has to look around. This last week has been unexpected, unplanned and completely random and it all started with a simple email.

After speaking with my friend on the subject, while sitting in Columbus Circle after a fantastic night at the ballet. He told me not to stereotype myself. Stereotypes assign labels and box us in. We need to “NOT” fit in so squarely, to be utterly unique. Being different is frowned upon and from an early age people limit their outlook and opportunities to belong. The more things we share with a group the more we feel akin to it. It makes us feel safe and the group predictable. This leaves original thinking to be discarded. To be a success you have to go against this behavior.

By defining my own vision and letting my own creativity push me, the community concept will never suffice. I shall have to be an island all unto myself. To be successful you can not have you vision restricted by limitations that others place on them. How many times have the masses said it could NOT be done, only to be proven wrong by a single individual. They said human flight, breaking the sound barrier, trips to the moon, space flight ALL were not possible.

By ignoring the competition and leaving the reactionary responses to the competition, we become proactive. Trusting in our own abilities and choices lends you to be a leader. Don’t jeopardize your dream by second guessing your strategy. Cutting out the unnecessary influences will focus your vision. It will allow you to mindfully develop and tweak your process to fit your goals. Being ahead of the pack is essential to be successful. You have to continually create unique strategies and adapting them to the bigger picture. The last thing one needs to do is be free to take on multiple projects.

We lose interest when life, projects and people don’t move fast enough. One project is (in most cases) simply not enough to keep us occupied. Multi-projecting is what keeps successful people sane and it distracts from the destruction that accompanies boredom. The level of time and energy in each project will differ according to the needs of the project. But there needs to a passion about each of the individual projects. Directing about 80% of our energy on the primary project with the remaining 20% is distributed to the side projects that are a reflection of our personal interests. These side interests should be able to refresh, inspire and be creative enough to keep you three steps ahead of the game.


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