October 24, 2011

NanoWriMo 2011

Participant_180_180_white I have been wholly absent from publishing anything on my blog for the past month, not even my usual post a day events have been going up. I have no excuse but I do apologize for my absence to all my followers. I have been super busy with work and getting prepped for this years NanoWriMo event. I got a promotion into management and have been building and training my team for when I am actually tapped on the shoulder to assume the duties of a District. Right now I have 10 team members that I am directly responsible for training and guiding and assuring their success.

This years NanoWriMo contest is just 7 days and a few hours away. It will be my first time competing in this contest and hopefully a successful first attempt. The challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words in just 30 days. That translates into about 1,666 words a day that at the end of it all will coalesce into a novel. This contest, after further discovery, is how the book and movie “Water for Elephants” was written.

In order to prepare myself I have been testing out writing software, designing plots and sub-plots, building my character profiles and prepping scenes. Needless to say I have extensive notes on a story that has been floating around in my head for years. If this contest doesn’t force it out of me and onto the literary publishing world, then nothing will. It shall be consigned to float forever in the dark matter of my frontal lobe. In that case it shall appear that “The Gatekeeper” has been performing his job quite well.

I guess you all want to know what have I been doing if I haven’t been publishing? Well I have been equipping myself with all the tools to compete in this literary challenge. My arsenal now includes my iPhone, a tablet pc, simple note, and the Nanowrimo edition of Scrivener for windows. I have been testing and looking at various noveling software for the past 5 months and have decided that scrivener is the best suited for my needs. I absolutely love this program. I just wish they would finish the windows version. Why all the various gadgets? Because I do most of my brain-storming when I am on the train traveling to work. I am constantly jotting down notes, plot ideas, tweaking a character or a scene. During the 45 minutes it takes me to travel from home to office I tend to zone-out and transport myself into the novel I am preparing to write. Its as if I was a game designer and I could see the end results as I tweak this or that. It is me attempting to make this the most intriguing story I can out of the gate. The biggest issue I want to have to tackle during the editing is word matching.

When I say word matching I am not talking about syntax or proper placements of comma’s, I am talking about using the most eloquent words of the English language in which to convey the story. This needs to be a balance between $10 words and 50 cent jargon. This is no easy task. The purpose of language is to give us choices in how we convey thought and modern language has provided us with a myriad of choices to do just that. I just determined, while writing this post, that I failed to add the most important weapon that will ensure my successful mission to my arsenal. A Damn Dictionary. I am off to purchase such a device now. Later.


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  1. I remember my first year of NaNo! I was still in High School and it was a terrifying but exciting idea!

    I’m sure you will do well. The real secret to winning is simple: turn off your inner editor, and put it on the page- even if it is crap. There is always time to edit and tweak later.

    Good luck!

    • Thank You Bethea, I will be trying my best to turn that inner editor off and just write. I have created several playlists to help drown out the inner and outter demons. How did your novel eventually turn out?

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