image On Friday Andy Rooney, a long time correspondent, for CBS died. He occasionally got himself into hot water for saying what was on his minds. After reading the New York Times article on his life a quote caught my attention and got me to thinking.

“I’ve believed all along that most people are born with equal intelligence, but blacks have watered down their genes because the less intelligent ones are the ones that have the most children. They drop out of school early, do drugs and get pregnant.” Andy Rooney

The above statement was attributed to having been uttered by Andy Rooney by the gay newspaper The Advocate subsequently after Rooney mentioned homosexual unions in saying “many of the ills which kill us are self-induced.”

I am going to attack the latter first as that is the easiest then move on to the more touchier subject. At which point I expect to lose most of ya’ll reading this. Many of the ills which kill us ARE definitely self-induced. Don’t believe me pick up a news paper, turn on the tv, we are constantly bombarded with the ills of smoking, drinking, drug use or over eating. We as a society have to pay for the choices of the individual. I know i am more than displeased about having to supplement the medical cost and care of a 20 year smoker that has advanced lung cancer and no medical insurance. What about all the extremely obese people that complain that McDonald’s is making them fat, but never mention that THEY chose to walk in there and order not one but two triple super-sized Big Mac’s with all the trimmings, Extra Large Fries, two apple pies for $1 and a diet coke. Please explain what the diet coke is supposed to do? I would want to ask them when was the last time you exercised? I don’t mean joining a gym and bench pressing 200 lbs of iron, I mean something simple like walked to work or rode a bicycle? Playing Gears of War 3 for 24 straight hours and eating Twinkies is NOT exercise. Get off your lazy Arse and go outside. When I was younger we used to play outside all day every day. Even the FAT kids were in shape.

Now this is were I am going to lose most of you. Let’s talk about education, reproduction and keeping it “REAL” in the Black Community. This falls right in-line with the Andy Rooney “supposed” quote by the pissed off gay newspaper The Advocate. I happen to agree with that they said he stated. All Kids are born as blank slates. They learn from watching and interacting with us. Schools were developed to further that education beyond the initial basics. But when you place a smart child with dumb parents you just end up with smart dumb kids. I once had an argument with a school principle about why they didn’t give home work. She replied because THE PARENTS, THE PARENTS, I REPEAT THE PARENTS, said it was too much. Excuse me miss but is it not the job of the school system to EDUCATE the student, not the parent? This is were I take issue with the board of Education in most cases. They are already in civil service jobs with no fear of being fired, let alone of having to perform, so they take the easy route and socially pass students.

Of course this is a one-sided argument. I have not even included the deliberate and systematically imposed academic disparities among the races that have plagued this country for years. Minorities as a group are subjected to failings to  provide an equal education for English learners and African American students. Los Angeles County and now Memphis have agreed to try to fix the system that has dropped the ball on black and Latino students for years by overhauling its English-learning program and improving resources such as computers and library books to schools with predominantly black student populations. It wasn’t by choice. LA County lost a federal suit and Memphis did it for monetary reasons.

Why is it that the most IGNORANT of people have the most kids? Birth control is free, abortion is free, so why are stupid people who are used to getting free shit not using these two free services? I have worked around the school system for years and been a product of great educational regimes like Brooklyn Technical High School and NYU (New York University). The opposite of what I was raised into is that I have also seen parents that couldn’t help their kids with homework tell them they were stupid or TOO BRAINY! What the frack is too BRAINY?

A perfect example of this is my child hood friend, let’s call him John Doe to protect the innocent. He grew up in New York City with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. His surroundings were bleak, and alcohol and drug abuse were rampant in his home. John surrendered to the poverty-stricken and crime-ridden streets of his home town. Desperate to define himself, he took on the titles of drug dealer and gang member. At the age of 10 when most kids are playing, he was stealing newspapers to support the family. The schools didn’t speak to him, The teachers didn’t speak to him; the pastor didn’t speak to him. No one ever threw him a life preserver even when they knew the hard time he was having at home. They just promoted him.

The reckless, urgent measures John took to stay afloat put him in too many wrong places at all the wrong times. He was shot, arrested, and finally charged with a crime he claims he did not commit. His sister dressed as a Ninja climbed into a house and killed everyone and everybody. It was then that John said he realized he had gone down that road because he felt “locked out of society” and couldn’t see another path. “I never talked to a doctor until he was sewing me up after I got shot. I never talked to lawyer until he was helping send me to prison. I never talked to a judge until he was convicting me. How can I see myself in those careers if I don’t have those examples.” He was always told he was stupid and would never amount to anything in life. Primarily because he had a bad upbringing in life. His mother choose drugs to escape reality of her bad choices, thus forcing her kids to relive them, not once, but twice.

It’s easy to see that blacks with higher incomes and levels of education have many advantages over less fortunate blacks when it comes to access to good schools for their kids, health insurance and the ability to live in low-crime areas with access to good quality grocery stores, with fresh fruits and vegetables. Okay its time to eat some steak and lobster. So I will bring my rant to an end. Let me know your thoughts on this topic.


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