November 14, 2011

Why You Can’t Win Hustling!


Every now and again I find myself traversing 125th street in Harlem, USA and regardless of the time of the day there are at least four people on the corner hustling something. You can get anything from loose cigarettes to books. As I run the gauntlet of male bodies I have to shake my head. These are the same individuals you will find somewhere in a barber shop talking about how “The Man” is holding them back and that cops are harassing them. If I was a cop I would be harassing them. I would just park my squad car on 125 and meet my “non-existent”, but we know it exists, QUOTA for arrests.

Why are black people so infused with keeping it real and working to maintain a hustle and vehemently avoiding meaningful and gainful employment boggles the mind. I witnessed four individuals undercut each other on the same corner to sell the same passerby the same loosey cigarette. The passerby eventually paid 25 cents for something that if sold legally would be worth 60 cents each. So who won and who lost in that exchange? But I guess maintaining the hustle was more important that making a profit. But lets break that particular hustle down. A pack of Newport’s sells for $12 in NYC, with 20 in a pack. Typical single cigarette on the street is 75 cents. If they sell an entire pack total profit is just $3. Just to make minimum wage you would have to sell a little more than two and half  packs an hour. That equals 60 plus cigarette sales an hour.

So with that said,  You should already begin to see what is going on in the Black community and realize how our own Black people is currently in the state of failure and what will happen if we continue to embrace the hustle. Let’s look at what’s going on in our Black communities. Smart Black kids are being picked on because they want to be achievers instead of being dumb like the rest of the class. Instead of trying to argue that successful Blacks should give some of their money back to the community they came from, we should instead be arguing that Blacks in the community should get off their own ass and do something productive. We should strive to run a successful business or gainfully employed. The goal of every black male should not be limited to being a RAP ARTIST, DRUG DEALER or GANG MEMBER. Why are we as a community so afraid to be successful and give ourselves the rewards of our own success?

When I ask young women “Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?”, I should not be hearing replies like “Waiting for my momma to move so I can take over the project apartment.” I once witnessed a young women filling out a job application for her boyfriend and explaining it line for line to him. This older woman couldn’t hold back her laughter when the young lady told her boyfriend “This is where you put your name.”  This is the future of the black race. Young women choosing to have babies with black men that can’t even read nor write. The first clue to his utter stupidity should be that he isn’t even smart enough to pull his pants up.

Let’s stop defining ourselves as part of a church or organization or club instead of an individual with individual thoughts, drive and goals. Faith is the arch-nemesis of intelligence. The Black leadership of today is basically non-existent. We need more Malcolm’s and Martin’s whose profit motive is NOT to pimp the Black mass into giving up money based on emotional appeal instead of creating something of value that is bought and sold by the Black masses. We do not need another movie theatre chain. This is all of the socialist crap that goes on in the Black community that  is destroying African-Americans day after day. Sooner or later we will reach terminal velocity and nothing will be able to reverse the downfall of black people in America. Let’s face it – when the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan says “We don’t have to kill black people, they are killing themselves faster than we ever could.”


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