November 15, 2011

NanoWriMo Day 15

Participant_180_180_whiteIt’s your story… Tell it. Write it. Explore it. Live it. Believe in it. Run with it. Experiment with it. Experience it. Just do it.

Tips for Writing Under Deadline Pressure for all you writing warriors out there, here are a few tips to help you meet the monster of all deadlines. I am in NanoWriMo and I am guilty of not doing any of this. I did not even start writing on the first day, I waited until day 4. Then I took a few more days off. Now I am faced with writing almost double the daily amount of 1,666 words a day to finish my book ahead of schedule. So here goes:


Write something every day even if it’s terrible. We are facing a deadline, so don’t take a day off. Try to live with your characters, think about them on the way to work, in the bathroom, and while shopping. This will help you not waste time by having to bring yourself back up to speed when you start writing again. If You write everyday, even just a few words it should work to keep the novel fresh in your mind and help the work flow a little better.

What ever you do DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT,  try to edit your work while you are trying to meet this deadline. The point it to just get the words on paper, well electronic paper that is. There will be plenty of time to critique it, edit it, or even scrap it later after you have reached the goal. If you start trying to edit the work in progress you will undoubtedly release the lid on that inner demon called self-doubt. We all are going through the same crisis right now wondering if what we are writing will be good enough. This is not the time to worry about that. After the third or fourth draft that will be the time to start wondering or having doubts. It is easier to make a bad book a great book, than to try to create a great book from scratch.

The first thing I started doing was changing my count from words a day to pages a day. I found that I was a little too conscious of the daily word count and not really paying attention to the flow of the story. Second thing I did was visit my quiet space. For me this was my local library, tucked away in a corner with my headphones on and something, anything, playing on the iphone. I tuned out everything and everyone during the four hours I gave myself to write a few pages. I am getting better at this as the pages stack up. I can now see myself proudly sporting that “I Won” badge on my blog after this is all over.

Deadlines are the greatest motivator, so let’s meet this almost impossible deadline together. I hope to see you all on November 25th at the finish line.


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